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My children are all grown up now and are living on their own. My daughter was married in March and my son was married in June. This is the first year for both of them to be in their own home on Christmas. I've worked hard to make Christmas a very special time for our family. It's a time when friends are welcomed into the home and Christmas decorations are all around. I also bake various Christmas deserts and cook non stop inviting people in for parities. My son mentioned to me that he wants to carry on this tradition in his home; however he knew that this year they would not have much money to spend on Christmas decorating for the home and entertaining.

I told him that we could go through our Christmas decor and he could have some of the extras that we no longer use. We dug out the boxes from the attic and started going through them. I had given my son and daughter a Christmas tree ornament every year since they were born. Each year when I put away the tree I put the Christmas tree ornament that I bought them in a special box with their names on. When we decorate the tree they get to hang their ornaments. I told my daughter that this year she would be able to hang them on her tree. She was over whelmed that I was going to let her take the boxes of . She thought that they would always be part of our tree. I told her that my mother had given me a Christmas tree ornament each year and that when I got married she gave them to me. It is a great way to have Christmas decorations when you are first starting out without having to purchase them all at once. We also found the box that was marked with her brother’s name. I told her that I had been planning on wrapping them up and giving them as part of the Christmas present, but this way they could enjoy them on their Christmas tree this year.

My daughter was excited that she was going to have some Christmas decorations. She still wanted to have a party with friends, but said their budget was too tight. I mentioned to her to have a potluck party. This way she wouldn't have to supply all the food and they would still have a nice get together. While we were going through  the remaining Christmas storage items she came across a box. In the box was a Christmas tree ornament that was inscribed our first Christmas together. I had bought the ornament on a trip and  had one for her and one for her brother. This was another special Christmas tree ornament she can add to her collection.