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Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree has Tradition

prelit artificial christmas tree

If you have dreams of a white Christmas, but happen to live in the middle of Las Vegas, Nevada, your options might be few and far between. I know because this is exactly the position that I happen to be in right now. I would love to cut down a nice balsam tree for my Christmas celebration, string it with christmas display lights, and just watch the snow fall outside, but except for the lights bit, all of this is nothing more than a pipe dream. It seems that the best that I can do is to get my own Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree. Of course a Prelit Christmas tree is better than nothing, but it is sure quite far from what I really want.

It is not like Christmas in the southwest began with the Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree, but it certainly did gain a bit of authenticity with it. The fact is that, before people started going in for their Prelit Artificial Christmas Trees, there were authentic southwestern Christmas traditions. Funny as it might sound, we would decorate cacti with christmas display lights. And why not, I ask? Do you think that it was really snowing in Bethlehem of all places, on the original Christmas eve? Of course not. That is just stupid.

The idea of the Christmas tradition that we have is a Northern European adaptation, no less silly and arbitrary than a lighted cactus, or a Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree for that matter. I suppose what really matters is the same thing that always matters. That is to make sure that whatever you do is exactly what is important to you, and not what someone else tells you that Christmas should be about. If you want a Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree, more power to you. If you decide to leave the Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree in the close, and string up a cactus this year, I say go for it. Just remember to enjoy yourself is all that I ask.

When you do get a Prelit artificial Christmas tree, you should take great care in picking it. For starters, they do cost a pretty penny, and you do not want to get another one the very next year. For every real Christmas tree species that you choose, I would guess that there is at least one Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree type. 

Other artificial Christmas trees I especially like are An Angel Christmas Tree or a table top christmas tree which work remarkably well.  They don't have the smell of a balsam Christmas tree, but they will look like one, and people will barely know the difference.