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Christmas Table Decoration is Key

Christmas table decoration should be a central issue in your decorating plans. That's where you'll be seating your guests for Christmas dinner, so you want your table to look it's best. Many people have parties during December and there's Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the New Year's Eve finale, so you have multiple opportunities to dress that table to the nines!

It helps you give a different look if you have several tablecloths. If not, don't worry. There are runners, centerpieces, place mats, napkin rings and candle holders with which you can put together many different and spectacular looks. With the possible exception of candle holders, you can make all of these Christmas table decorations yourself. They also make good projects to do with kids, which adds to the fun of the season. Kids are very visual and may surprise you with some very creative ideas.

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Start your Christmas table decoration project with a color scheme. For example, a white tablecloth topped with a gold lace tablecloth makes an elegant and sparkling impression. You can purchase gold lace at a fabric store and make your own for a fraction of the price of a purchased tablecloth. White and gold are neutral in the sense that they look well with most traditional Christmas colors.

Runners can put pizzazz in your Christmas table decorations all by themselves. Show off a fine wood dining table with a runner. The possibilities are limited only by the number or combinations of fabrics you can find. Decide on a look that pleases you. Satins, plaids and quilted fabrics are popular choices. Smaller gift shops offer some unusual runners, if you decide to purchase.

Centerpieces for the table offer lots of creative latitude for your Christmas table decorations. A jewel-toned glass bowl with floating candles and flower petals gives a romantic magical look. Several small Poinsettias can be spaced down the center of the table. Miniature roses also look good with candlesticks between each plant. Just don't make your centerpiece so tall that guests at the table cannot see one another!

place mats may be used directly on the table, or in a layered look on top of a tablecloth. It is possible for your project to get out of hand, producing a too-busy or overdone effect. When planning your Christmas table decorations, do a dry run, placing each element as you go along. Don't rely on imaging the result in your mind.

Napkin rings come in many different materials to suit your theme. Brass, silver, rattan, plastic, tortoise shell and even ceramic ones are some of the many choices you'll find.

Candle holders are a must for the well-dressed Christmas table. Silver and gold are always popular. Hand-painted ceramic candlesticks give a comfortable feel, with a less formal look. Gear your choice to your theme.

With some careful planning, your Christmas table decorations will draw as many compliments as your food.

Merry Christmas!